EPAM DevOps Community is pleased to invite you to the next DevOps Meet-Up in Dnipro.

This time we invited our colleagues from Lviv and Krakow with interesting topics and practical cases.

Strongly recommend not to miss this gathering!

Pay attention that our events are paid now. All money will be donated to charity.

Our speakers and topics:

Oleg Kasian, Lead Software Engineer at Epam Dnipro

Topic: From monolith to serverless [RU]

Description: Describes migration from monolith(java + oracle sql) to serverless(AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, AppSync). Also covers data migration using Amazon EMR.

Kostiantyn Severenchuk, Systems Architect at Epam, Lviv

Topic: DevTestSecOps practical use vs theory [RU]

Description: Lets talk about Automation part in DevTestSecOps world and how it has influence on. Why its so important to me SME (Subject Matter Expert ) in the domain area. Are you sure that you know Clouds good?

Are you sure that you can build proper automation and monitor your services?

+ The bonus stories will come with further examples and we will have some fun :)

Pawel Piwosz, Lead Systems Engineer at Epam Krakow

Topic: The road to the Continuous Monitoring [ENG]

Is the monitoring up-to-date with current DevOps practices? In my opinion - no, but I know, what is needed to do so. Continuous Monitoring is only milestone in this journey, and my approach can help to go further.

Description: Over the 10 years of defined DevOps culture life we have gone a long road. We have been able to automate almost every step of the delivery process. But in my opinion, we still lack automated monitoring. The transition from the classic way of monitoring to Continuous Monitoring is hard. Not only because it demands very strict approach to the methodology, architecture, etc., but mainly because our organizational culture is not ready for it.

The goal of the proposed talk is to create a common understanding of what Continuous Monitoring is, what foundations are needed to start building Continuous Monitoring, and what advantages the organizations will gain using it. I am going to go through defined principles, present the MEAL (Metrics, Events, Alerts and Logs), which is my approach to define the structure of Continuous Monitoring. I’d like to convince the attendees to audit and redefine their monitoring habits.

Aimed with basic principles, the attendees will be able to define areas and best ways to design and implement Continuous Monitoring to their DevOps lifecycle.

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